Due to the nature of the ministry, teams from INcontext travel regularly throughout the year.  If you would like to join us for one of these trips, you are welcome to contact us and find out what options are available.

However, anyone who travels with INcontext goes with the understanding that tourist activities are not on offer and that INVOLVEMENT AFTER THE TRIP is to be expected. This involvement can take a variety of forms.


  1. Exposure trips  –  These are specifically designed to get a believer from one part of the world (like South Africa) to a different nation (like Egypt). The purpose of this trip is to expose people to the beauty and diversity of the body of Christ. We also take people to these countries where there are opportunities for serving the wider body of Christ.
  2. Mission trips  –  These are trips with a specific focus and task (e.g. taking audio Bibles or other practical supplies).
  3. Support trips  –  These are when a team goes to support our brothers and sisters who are in need, when they need us most (earthquake support etc.).
  4. Strategic trips  –  These are for specific reasons, such as exploring new projects and possible future involvement. There might also be strategic meetings that are set up.
  5. Special requests  –  These are requested by a church or group of people who would like to visit a particular person or project, with the intention of staying longer or getting involved.

A glimpse into one of INcontext's past youth trips:

INcontext Ministries currently offers short-term outreaches to the following regions:


For more information on travelling with INcontext, please contact Gustav: