List of projects and ministry activities in Egypt:

Back To Jerusalem –

This particular couple is involved with various ministries in Egypt but predominantly minister to Refugees in Cairo: specifically Syrian and Sudanese Refugees.This couple is also very focused on prayer ministry and run various businesses used for ministry.

Disciple –

This couple is based in Upper Egypt and run a prayer complex. They also give Theological training at the complex and allow people to take part in 24-hour prayer days on their premises.

Light The Way –

This project supports a seminary in North Africa where young Christians are trained in the Word of God. Due to North Africa being dominated by the Arabic language and culture, the Christians being trained at the seminary are ideally equipped to share the Gospel in their neighboring Arabic-speaking countries.

Living Water –

This project supports a Christian couple living in a conservative village in rural Egypt where they are the only Christian witnesses in the entire village.

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