Region: Africa

List of ministries and activities in each country:

Lesotho –

(Project Rhino)

Supporting a missionary couple involved with discipleship, teaching, evangelism, preaching and children’s ministry.

South Africa –

(Project Protea)

Supporting South African missionaries involved with street ministry, discipleship, evangelism and teaching.

South Sudan –

(Project Hibiscus)

Support pastors involved in preaching, evangelism, discipleship and teaching who are currently living in Uganda as refugees.




Tanzania –

(Project Hog)

Support a pig farm run by INcontext International’s East Africa office as they use the proceeds from this farm to help sustain their ministry, help a local school, and donate animals to missionaries so that they, too, can become self-sustainable and self-sufficient.

Uganda –

(Project Lily)

Supporting a South Sudanese orphanage in the refugee camp in Uganda and supporting the South Sudanese refugees through trauma counseling training.

Zambia –

(Project Leopard)

Supporting a missionary couple in their efforts to evangelize, preach and teach among the ‘unreached’ tribes of Tanzania and Zambia.

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