Helping to establish a Safe Haven for Druze converts and refugees

We can no longer afford to miss out on strategic opportunities.ISIL

We have a window of opportunity open to us now as a result of the wars that have been raging in the Middle-East over the past few years – these wars have forced Muslims to question their faith and as a result, they are more desperate than ever to seek the True, Living God. The wars in the Middle-East have opened many doors for the Gospel to spread and for God’s Kingdom to expand.

In recent years, we have seen large amounts of people coming to Christ in Refugee camps and war-stricken countries. One specific people group that has only recently seen converts growing in number is the Druze people. It is for this reason that Project Safe Haven exists.

Project Safe Haven’s focus would therefore be to assist a local pastor in Lebanon to develop a piece of land that he has already purchased. The area of the piece of land is 10Km2 and it is located approximately 80Km from Beirut. We would like to help this pastor to build a church for the growing number of Druze converts, and up to 50 bungalows that will accommodate refugees from Iraq and Syria (with a specific focus on orphans).

The church building will cover an area of 500m2 and will be able to seat at least 1000 people. The church will be acknowledged as a Druze church, but it will also be open to anybody that wants to join the services. The bungalows, however, will be specifically for orphans and refugees. Each bungalow will offer 2 bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom for up to 12 refugees/orphans. There will also be a kitchen and food hall inside the church building, as well as a playground where the children can play safely. A portion of the land will also be used for farming (fruit orchards and vegetable gardens), which will help sustain those staying in the bungalows. A fence will also surround the church and bungalows to ensure that the refugees/orphans are safe.


This is a big project and it will be done in phases.

  • The first phase will be to prepare the land for the construction of the buildings and to erect a fence around the property: for this they will need approximately $23,000.00/R300,000.00.

Your support will play a key role in this.

We are very excited to report that the official ‘groundbreaking’ of project Safe Haven took place on 24 September 2019 and it was all possible due to your generous giving. 

This whole project is a step in faith and we were overjoyed to see the progress that has been made in preparing the land during our last visit to the project on 18 November 2019. 
Everything is now focused on preparing the land in order for the building process to begin. The project will continue to progress as funds are available and we thank you for your continued support in this regard.  

24 September 2019

18 November 2019

Should you have any further questions regarding this project, please contact Damon Kotze.