Bhubaneswar, State of Orissa, India, 2008 - 

Women attending mass at the Lutheran relief house.  Thousands of people run away from Khandamal district to the Orissa state capital city leaving behind their belongings and families destroied by the Hindus violence..

Alcune donne durante la messa nel centro di accoglienza luterano. In migliaia sono fuggiti a piedi dal Khandamal verso la capitale dell'Orissa lasciando dietro di s i propri averi e famiglie decimate dalla violenza Hindu.

Support a project aimed at making the Bible available, in mp3 format, to those who cannot read.

Each solar-powered audio Bible costs $40.


About 63 percent of the world’s population is unable to read, either due to lack of education or to visual impairment. As a starting point for this project, INcontext is focusing on the Arab world. Each mp3 player contains the entire Bible in both English and Arabic. Christian leaders who have already received these audio Bibles are very excited about what they can mean for their communities.


For more information on this project, please contact INcontext‘s Project Department, Damon Kotze.