Helping to ensure the future of the Church in Syria


Christianity’s existence in Syria is under threat.

In partnership with Lebanese Christian leaders who risk their lives to visit Syria whenever circumstances permit, INcontext aims to distribute food, clothing, medicine and other basic necessities to the Church in Syria.

With the war in Iraq and Syria still unresolved, the media focus is mainly on the treacherous journeys that so many are making to get to Europe, and on the bleak living conditions of those living in ‘limbo’ in camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Most financial support and prayers focus on these areas. And rightly so: the 65.3 million migrants are the ‘story of our time’ and they demand anguish and action.


But what about the remnant? Few talk about those who remain behind, and they need as much support (if not more) as those who have left.

refugeeProject Hero focuses on those who choose to stay, who deal with the daily bombing from which others have fled, and who encounter death as part of daily life. Those who have stayed have done so for two reasons: either they have been unable to get out (for reasons like old age or a lack of finances), or they have refused to leave Syria because it is home and they still believe they have a role to play in the reconstruction of the nation.

The Christian minority has now reached the ‘level of extinction’, and securing a next generation of believers in Syria should be one of the priorities of the global Body of Christ. Churches, monasteries and convents have been attacked and burned, and thousands upon thousands of Christians have already fled.

During a television interview, a 9-year-old boy from Damascus said the following: “The best dream ever was of me as an extraordinary hero who was helping the world.” This dream of being a ‘hero’ was common to many of us during childhood, but today the possibility for us has nothing to do with superpowers – it has to do with actively sharing with those in need.

Besides helping Christians in Syria, this project also focuses on preparing for the eventual reconciliation, reconstruction and restoration of Syria. Within Islam, restoration and reconciliation are foreign concepts, and fighting factions will never seek peace unless they meet the Prince of Peace. Once the war has ended, many ‘new believers’ who came to faith in Europe will return to Syria, and we want to ensure that when they return, there is a Church waiting for them and a solid foundation from which to restore and rebuild.



Project Hero is thus four-fold in its focus:

  • Supporting the Church in Syria
  • Equipping the Syrian Church so Christians can actively reach out to surrounding communities
  • Ensuring there is a Church in Syria to which new believers can return once the war has ended
  • Laying the foundation for the reconciliation and restoration of Syria

Your support will play a key role in this.



Should you have any further questions regarding this project, please contact Gustav Krös.