bangladesh-kids-300x26797% of the world’s ‘unreached’ people live in the ‘10/40 Window’, extending from West Africa to East Asia. Here, millions live with little chance of ever hearing the Gospel. Today, over 85% of Asian countries do not allow Western missionaries to freely share the Gospel, but with few cultural barriers to overcome, Chinese believers can readily share the Gospel with their neighbouring nations.

Project Eagle’s Wings support a Chinese missionary couple working in a South Asian nation. Your part is just as important as that of the workers on the field: although they are willing and eager to go, they are limited by their resources. Without support from Christians around the world, Chinese believers will be less able to share the Gospel throughout the ‘10/40 Window’.

This project gives you the opportunity to invest in the Chinese mission force God is raising up, while simultaneously supporting their work in an ‘unreached’ nation.


For more information on this project, please contact INcontext‘s Projects Manager, Gustav Krös