The Lord’s Kingdom is advancing at an astonishing rate is South-Central Asia. As a result of this growth, the need for trained leaders has become evident.

Operation World (2010) says the following: “Despite some developments, there is still a huge training shortfall. As the Church grows, the need for leadership-training structures and models becomes increasingly desperate.”

The training that is needed should not require leaders to be absent from their congregations for long periods of time. 



  • At this present time, the Lord has provided an open door to present DOTA training (Discipleship training OThe Air) in the South-Central Asian nations where we work.
  • DOTA was developed around 30 years ago to train Christian leaders serving in underground or house churches. Training is done in small groups so personal attention can be given to each participant.



  • Church leaders in these nations are mostly poor, and do not have the finances to cover the basic costs of attending the training sessions. Costs include travelling expenses, food and accommodation for the duration of the training, as well as the study materials.
  • To present this training in the three countries in which we are currently working, we need an estimated  US$22,000 per year and are entirely dependent on donations for the continuation of this training.


 “The life and health of the Church depends on the proper development of pastors, teachers, evangelists and missionaries. In churches, poor discipling and lack of teaching and modelling of biblical life and leadership are problems… There is, on average, one trained pastor for every six congregations… The need is greater than what residential institutions can produce, and 90% of pastors lack access to adequate theological training.” – Operation World, 2010


For more information on this project, please contact INcontext’s Projects Manager, Gustav Krös.