Dear prayer partners,

On Monday 26 April, India’s new coronavirus infections hit a record peak for a fifth day, as countries including Britain, Germany, and the United States pledged to send urgent medical aid to help battle the crisis overwhelming India’s hospitals. India’s daily new COVID-19 infections have consistently exceeded 300,000 and deaths are currently over 2,500 a day, which is the highest since the start of this global pandemic. The Indian healthcare system is near collapse with the latest surge in cases, and many hospitals have been forced to turn away patients due to the lack of oxygen and beds. India’s capital, New Delhi, was forced to extend its strict lockdown. India is home to the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine maker. But only about 8.6% of India’s population has received at least one shot of a vaccine. The latest surge in cases has forced the Indian government to withhold exports of doses that many low- and middle-income countries were relying on. According to the Our World in Data project at the University of Oxford, vaccinations have been highly concentrated in wealthy nations: 82% of vaccines worldwide have been given in high- and upper-middle-income countries. Only 0.2% of doses have been administered in low-income countries.

India is home to about 1.3 billion people of which 95.6% of the population is ‘unreached’ with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of those who face this current COVID calamity have never heard of the name Jesus and many have already died without Him. An INcontext partner in India reported that in the last 15 days, 10 of their ministry members have passed away due to COVID-19, and they are feeling helpless.

Please join with us in coming alongside India, as well as our brothers and sisters in this nation, and intercede on their behalf before our Father in this dire situation.

“If we only knew what happened when we pray, we would never cease to pray!” (Louie Giglio)