Floods in Sudan

Floods in Sudan

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“God have mercy on us!” A young boy cries as he watches how the floodwaters recently dissolved mud buildings in his neighbourhood in Sudan.

  • Heavy rains and flooding in Sudan (and neighbouring Ethiopia) since late August have left a trail of destruction, including damaged homes, infrastructure, croplands and impact to other livelihoods.
  • Over 500km2 of land appears to be flooded in Khartoum, Al Gezira and White Nile states.
  • River levels continue to rise, and more than 506,000 people have already been affected.
  • Thousands of families are displaced and sheltering in schools.
  • Stagnant water is causing outbreaks of Cholera, Malaria, Dengue Fever and Rift Valley Fever.
  • The health system is fragile and insufficient.



  • The unprecedented storms and flooding have affected Khartoum, North Darfur and Sennar States. The Nile River burst its banks in several places leading to displacement and increased humanitarian needs.
  • 90% of those affected lost all their belongings such as mattresses, blankets, clothes, water storage containers and kitchen utensils. Houses, built from mud, were completely destroyed. Most families whose houses were destroyed need support with emergency shelters.
  • The heavy rainfall has also increased the risk of outbreaks of waterborne diseases – cholera, dengue fever, rift  valley fever. Drainage systems are unreliable, and the country’s health system is extremely fragile, putting many lives at risk.
  • Authorities in Sudan have declared a national state of emergency for three months and designated the country a natural disaster zone. The extreme flooding has added to an already challenging transitional political period and the steadily declining economy. The Nile water levels continue to increase, after reaching 17.4 metres, the highest in 100 years (according to the Government).



    We want to be a reflection of Christ’s compassion to the people in Sudan. Please join us by considering a financial contribution which will be used by our network partners on-site to buy:

    • Materials to build temporary shelters, mosquito nets, blankets, medicine and food.

    Invest in the lives of those who have been affected by clicking HERE