The Southern Transitional Council (STC), a group of Yemeni separatists, has taken control of the island of Socotra, ousting its governor in an action the Saudi-backed government described as a coup. The STC claimed control of the southern part of Yemen in April, complicating efforts towards a permanent ceasefire, in a war that has dragged on for years. The STC claimed control over government facilities and military bases on the island, which is situated on the Gulf of Aden, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Ramzi Mahroos, the governor of Socotra, accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of turning a blind eye. According to a Reuter’s source, Saudi Arabia has tried to broker a deal between the Yemeni government and separatist forces, but the STC has refused to take part in peace talks. The on-going war in Yemen has been in a military stalemate for years, causing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises as continued violence and recent COVID-19 measures have severely hindered aid organisations from reaching those most affected by the war.

From a Christian perspective, the island of Socotra is home to one of the ‘least reached’ people groups in the world who have, up until now, stayed away from the fighting going on in mainland Yemen. While the Yemeni Church is one of the smallest recorded groups of believers, many around the world are standing with them in prayer. According to contacts, believers there are praying for a peaceful resolution, and for the spiritual seed that has been planted on the island to grow, as they hold onto the promise in Revelation that every tribe and tongue will come to know the Lord.

Pray with us for the following:

  • For a breakthrough in peace-making efforts in the on-going conflict in Yemen
  • For the inhabitants of Socotra to come into contact with the Gospel
  • For the Yemeni Church to be encouraged to not give up the spiritual fight in the midst of war and isolation