Yemen separatists

The Southern Transitional Council (STC), a group of Yemeni separatists, has claimed autonomous rule in multiple southern provinces in Yemen. The claim to power is in violation of the Riyadh Agreement, a power-sharing deal signed in November 2019 between the separatists and the Yemeni government. The deal included an agreement to reorganise the government and to bring the military and security forces under the interior ministry, however, those terms have not been fully implemented. The STC is supported by the United Arab Emirates, while the Yemeni government has the support of Saudi Arabia. Despite its declaration of power, six of the eight southern governorates have rejected the council’s rule. The two groups have been struggling for power since an uprising in 2015 that turned into a five-year civil war and one of the globe’s worst humanitarian crises.

From a Christian perspective, it is easy to look at the situation in Yemen and only see the war, instability, famine, and hopelessness. While the Church should focus prayer upon these points, it should also pray for Yemen from the vantage point of God with confidence that the Lord will be faithful to the Yemenis and that He has not lost control of the situation. Yemen has a 99.6% Muslim population, making the Church in Yemen small, extremely oppressed, and in need of prayer support from the global Church – pray for peace, provision, and the social and spiritual needs of the people.

Pray with us for the following:

  • For meaningful dialogue between the STC and the government, so that a lasting peaceful resolution can be reached
  • For physical aid to reach those suffering from the world’s worst humanitarian crisis
  • For believers not to become discouraged in their prayers for Yemen, but for their hearts to be filled with faith and hope for the people