8April20-Healthcare Workers-Original

Dear prayer partners,

Last week, the largest nurses’ union in the US urged hospital employers to increase safety measures to protect nurses from the Covid-19 pandemic. Evidence from past epidemics suggests that healthcare workers are at much higher risk than the general population of being infected. Italy has lost at least 60 doctors who died from the virus, while Spain reported that more than 3,900 healthcare workers are infected and in South Africa, 11 medical doctors, 1 nurse and 1 neurophysicist have tested positive for the virus.

Healthcare professionals and especially those working in intensive care units are on the frontline of the fight to contain this pandemic. Hospitals and manufacturers around the world are struggling to meet the increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). There are deep concerns for medical staff faced with these shortages as well as those who lack training in effective methods to protect themselves. In addition to the shortages, many also face extended work hours due to high numbers of cases, and the emotional burden of sometimes having to separate from their families to ensure they don’t get infected.

Various fundraising and support systems have been set up around the world, to come alongside the healthcare workers. In South Africa, a campaign has been established to support the doctors, nurses and medical staff that work in the ICU’s and high care units. A network of over 11,000 healthcare professionals has identified areas in need of support, so that funds can be directed where they are most needed. The funds raised will be used for manual and automated ventilation equipment, intubation equipment, safety equipment for medical staff and medical supplies.

“We aren’t heroes, we are just doing our jobs, and right now our jobs are asking more of us in a time when we have fewer resources to work with. We are doing this because we care.” said healthcare worker, Sgarbi.

Please join with us in praying for our healthcare workers all over the world as they face daily challenges in this battle against the coronavirus.

Behind this pandemic are individual people, who need to know that God loves them, and that their lives matter. (Bill Drake)