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COVID-19 and 5G: Biggest cover-up in history? True or False?

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By Mike Burnard and Andrew Richards


An audio clip is currently doing the rounds – featuring an eloquent and convincing message by “Pastor Jonathan” – which claims that:

  • The coronavirus is not the real reason behind the countless deaths – 45,334 (1 April) – and the thousands of infections – 903,799 (1 April)
  • It is questionable if it is contagious
  • This is a cover-up and a deliberate global strategy to roll out 5G and people are simply reacting to what is known as Radio-Spectrum-Radiation, or Radio-Frequency-Radiation
  • This is the largest, global cover-up in history
  • The vaccines will come with a tracking device called an AI chip – a microchip that will be inserted at the same time as the vaccine – which will give (them) the ability to track you
  • The current global ‘lockdown’ is the introduction of a global economic collapse which will see the implementation of digital currency.
  • Ultimately, this will pave the way for the anti-Christ

These claims have the typical trademarks of a classic conspiracy, but ‘Pastor Jonathan’ is highly skilled in his communication, very eloquent and comes across as highly intelligent.

Due to the urgency of the global pandemic, the seriousness of the claims, the vulnerability created by the unknown and the platform it creates for conspiracy theorists to penetrate the hearts of well-meaning believers, it was imperative that these claims be addressed.

Jesus warned His disciples in Matthew 7:15: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”  John Piper comments as follows on this scripture[1]:

The word ‘beware’ means all of us should be alert, but especially ‘shepherds’ [leaders],, to identify not just false teaching, but false teachers, whose ways are subtle. They’re clothing themselves with lamb’s wool while they’re wolves.  To avoid them, you have to know who they are. You can’t avoid somebody if you don’t know who they are. This idea of identifying and avoiding shows up in 1 Corinthians 5:11; 2 Thessalonians 3:6, 14; 2 Timothy 3:5; 2 John 10. In other words, Christians, and ‘shepherds’ in particular, should be discerning and alert to behaviour and teaching that dishonours Christ and destroys people — and not treat it in a casual or harmless way. 

“The best protection against the darkness of error is the light of truth.”


The presenter introduces himself as Pastor Johnathan.  He provides no further details – no surname, no affiliation and no nationality.  This makes it practically impossible to trace, verify or dispute his credentials (but this does not mean one cannot investigate and dispute his claims). He claims to be a representative of God, and a servant of the Kingdom, implying an advantage and insight and vision in line with the assignment he believes God has given him.  He proclaims the following: “I am a prayed-up person, prophetic in giving dispensational truth by understanding the era and the times that we are in. I’m a prophet in that context.  I also function with the word of knowledge, revelation knowledge and words of wisdom. God has blessed me with the ability to bring disparate pieces of information together that puts the puzzle together and makes sense of it.”

He also claims to have been:

“The head of the largest business unit at Vodafone, headquarters in Newbury, (2014/15). I was privy to a number of new technologies that were coming down the pipe that were going to be implemented, namely the Internet of things, and secondly 5G technology. I knew a long time ago that 5G was dangerous.”

Not one of these particular claims could be verified since he gives no surname and Jonathan is a fairly common first name.  The INcontext research team searched the records of Vodafone globally and in Newbury (UK), but to no avail.   Pastor Johnathan claims years of research and provides information he claims to be scientifically proven, but does not provide a single source throughout his presentation


INcontext’s Head of Research, Andrew Richards, transcribed the full audio clip in order to address all the claims in as much detail as possible.  The claims are serious and need to be addressed factually, logically and by means of proper research.  It is therefore important to state from the outset that the claims are FALSE – without any substance – and that this is most certainly a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

Here is a list (though not exhaustive) of the claims proven to be false:

CLAIM 1:  “What is really occurring with Coronavirus… this is our bodies reacting to what is known as Radio-Spectrum-Radiation or Radio-Frequency-Radiation.”

FACT: Radiation exists along a spectrum – with those on the higher frequency end (ionising radiation) considered to be harmful (especially in higher dosages), e.g. x-rays, gamma rays, etc.; while those on the lower end (non-ionising radiation) are far less harmful since they do not alter the molecular structure of matter, e.g. radio and microwaves. There is no conclusive evidence that there is a link, scientific or otherwise, between 5G technology (non-ionising radiation) and any negative health impact to the human body. [2] According to the World Health Organisation: “To date, and after much research performed, no adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies. Health-related conclusions are drawn from studies performed across the entire radio spectrum but, so far, only a few studies have been carried out at the frequencies to be used by 5G. Provided that the overall exposure remains below international guidelines, no consequences for public health are anticipated.”[2b]

CLAIM 2: “The 5G frequency is a very high frequency, it is just below the classification of a weapon, and I’ll tell you why. The frequency they are using is 10 times faster than 4G… unfortunately when it comes into connection with human bodies, it causes cell poisoning. So, our bodies try to fight the radiation, because of this frequency…our bodies kick out the toxicity off from our cells in the form of a chemical which is called the virus. Most diseases are excretions from our cells trying to push out of our bodies…”

FACT: “Just below the classification of a weapon” is a serious claim.  It is therefore important to understand the proven science behind 5G.  Dr Michelle Dickinson (MNZM) explains as follows[3]:

“Frying our brains, military weapons and cancer creators are the scary headlines being thrown around when it comes to 5G. The chances are, if you are seeing a headline like that it wasn’t written by a scientist, because we don’t write catch titles, we write really long, boring, jargon filled titles in journals that you probably aren’t reading.

 5G is simply the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity. It differs to the previous generations through its use of higher frequencies [but still on the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum], which enable its users to transfer wireless data faster. The improved speed will enable the creation of new technologies, for example, improving data transfer for smart cities, remote surgeries and autonomous vehicles, as well as super-fast downloads for playing virtual reality games and watching movies.

 Non-ionising radiation doesn’t carry enough energy to “ionise”, or strip electrons from atoms and molecules. It therefore doesn’t have enough energy to damage our DNA. The radiation emitted from radios, mobile phones, phone towers and Wi-Fi routers – RF radiation – is non-ionising. It sits at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is much safer than high-energy ionising radiation like x-rays.

 The WHO says that about 25,000 scientific articles have been published on non-ionising radiation over the past 30 years making scientific knowledge of the technology more extensive than for most of the household chemicals we use day-to-day. Current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields from mobile phones.”

CLAIM 3: One of the first cities that Vodafone and Huawei rolled out blanket 5G was in Wuhan, China – where the coronavirus was supposed to have started in some fish market.

FACT: South Korea was the first country to roll out 5G in April of 2019[4], followed by the US and China. Field testing on 5G capabilities already started in 2018 with more than 190 countries around the world testing the system. So, Wuhan (China) was not the first, and if these supposedly harmful frequencies are responsible for the coronavirus, then the coronavirus should have come out of South Korea a year earlier…but it didn’t.


CLAIM 4: “What is the relevance of all this…the coronavirus is not what’s killing people, it is clearly, categorically, unequivocally proven that the radio frequencies we are being exposed to are killing the people.”

FACT: Low-end radio frequencies (non-ionising) sent out by cell phones, Wi-Fi and millimetre wave scanners cannot harm the body. Only in extreme cases where someone was exposed to very high amounts for an extended period of time, could it possibly cause cancer (though it will more likely cause a burn due to heat), not a virus[5].

The 5G health scare is further debunked on the following site:


CLAIM 5: “The contaminated cruise ships were also installed with 5G…”

FACT: This is quite possible, but there are more than 300 cruise ships operating around the world at any given time…only 13 have reported suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19[6].

CLAIM 6: “Hospitals and airports have 5G, so these are the places where people will automatically get sick if they are exposed to the levels of radiation.”

FACT: This is a nonsensical claim since the epicentre of the virus was found to be a market, not a hospital or airport.  Obviously, once the virus began to spread it would have been in hospitals (where sick people go seeking assistance) and airports (since people travel – even when they are sick).

CLAIM 7: ‘We have had three pandemics in the last 300 years.”

FACT: This particular claim indicates a lack of research on the part of ‘Pastor Jonathan’, in the last 300 years the world has faced seven major pandemics.

HIV/AIDS PANDEMIC 2005-2012 (at its peak) 36 million (since 1981)
‘HONG KONG’ FLU PANDEMIC (H3N2) 1968 One million
ASIAN FLU (H2N2) 1956-1958 Two million
‘SPANISH’ FLU PANDEMIC 1918 20-50 million
SIXTH CHOLERA PANDEMIC 1910-1911 800,000+
‘ASIATIC’ OR ‘RUSSIAN’ FLU PANDEMIC 1889-1890 One million
THIRD CHOLERA PANDEMIC 1852-1860 One million


CLAIM 8: ‘The first [pandemic] was in 1918, the Spanish Flu pandemic. This was when they implemented radio waves globally and increased the electrification of our universe. Millions of people died and 6 months later they called it the Spanish Flu Pandemic…”

FACT: Scientists offer several possible explanations for the high mortality rate of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Some analyses have shown the virus to be particularly deadly because it triggered a cytokine storm, which ravages the stronger immune system of young adults. In contrast, a 2007 analysis of medical journals from the period of the pandemic found that the viral infection was no more aggressive than previous influenza strains. Instead, malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, and poor hygiene promoted bacterial superinfection. This superinfection killed most of the victims, typically after a somewhat prolonged ‘death bed’[7].

Another fact that debunks the claim is that radio waves were used commercially for the first time in 1900 (18 years before the outbreak). It was theorised on in 1867 and demonstrated in 1887[8].

CLAIM 9: “…after World War II there was another pandemic after the implementation of radar equipment globally. Satellites went up into the Van Allen Belt. This also caused a pandemic with a number of deaths…”

FACT: Firstly, radar was developed between 1934-1939, before WWII (1939-1945). Yes, the first use of radar militarily was during WWII, but commercially it was already in use in 1939 on commercial aircraft. Secondly, the first major pandemic after the 1918 Spanish Flu was the Asian Flu (1956-1958) that originated in China and had no connection to the implementation of radar.

CLAIM 10: “…then in 1968 we had the Honk Kong flu. There they rolled out another level of satellite penetration in the Van Allen Belt…100,000 satellites that were transmitting radar signals for telecommunications. These all caused pandemics that killed multiple of millions of people.”

FACT: By 1968 there were less than 80 satellites in space. Currently (2020), there are fewer than 2,000 active satellites orbiting the earth. The first satellite was launched by Russia in 1957, named Sputnik 1[9].

CLAIM 11: “One country with a huge population, but with cold weather, Russia, has had no fatalities of the coronavirus. Because they have not implemented 5G for public use yet, only for exclusive use by the military.”

FACT: Russia implemented a pilot 5G in August 2019 and signed an agreement with Chinese firm Huawei in September to make use of their 5G network, alongside the one launched in August. All are for public use, not only for the military[10].

As of 1 April, there have been more than 2,770 infections reported in Russia with 24 fatalities[11].

CLAIM 12: “The Boston Health Group is investigating that corona is not a contagion.”

FACT: The ‘Boston Health Group’ sounds legitimate, but doesn’t exist. A ‘Boston Healthcare Associates’ can be found on Google but consists of a group of healthcare consultants.  It is possible that ‘Pastor Jonathan’ assumed his listeners would not actually go and Google the information he provided.

CLAIM 13: “Bill Gates has resigned from his position as chairman of Microsoft and the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation. He is now pushing the vaccine agenda; he has developed technology. He is responsible for a lot of this. He is innovating for the demise of humanity.”

FACT:  Bill Gates stepped down as Chairman of Microsoft in 2014, “to spend more time on the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation” (which he has not resigned from). Gates has, however stepped down from the Microsoft board this year (2020) to be fulltime with the foundation he shares with his wife[12].


‘Pastor Jonathan’ concludes that what they (non-identifiable people) are doing is “Luciferic and Satanic”, by implementing the following:

  • The vaccines will come with a tracking device called an AI chip – a micro-chip that will be inserted simultaneously with the vaccine. This will give (them) the ability to track you.
  • The current global lockdown is the introduction and implementation of digital currency.
  • Ultimately this will pave the way for the anti-Christ

These are theories, with little, to no substance, which makes them difficult to prove or disprove. However, all the ‘facts’ he mentioned clearly illustrate that his theories are built on falsehoods and blatant lies.



Here are five factors to consider when deciding whether to name a false teacher publicly.

  1. The seriousness and deceitfulness of the error.

       [The content of the message by ‘Pastor Jonathan’ should be seen as serious, false and erroneous.  It therefore                demands exposure, and rejection.]

  1. The size of the audience. Is it growing?

      [Through social media, especially WhattsApp messages, the message has been circulating in growing numbers,             and therefore demands exposure, and rejection.]

  1. The duration of their ministry. Did they make one blunder or are they constantly doing it?

      [Unable to determine this because insufficient information is provided.]

  1. The vulnerability of the people for whom you are responsible.

      [The current climate of uncertainty makes people extremely vulnerable and susceptible to theories and                           conspiracies.  It therefore demands exposure, and rejection.]

  1. The role you have in influencing ‘shepherds’ who really need to be discerning of false teachers.   [This is a key component of INcontext’s ministry.]

John Piper concludes as follows:

“When you do name a false teacher, it’s best to do it in a setting where you do more than name-drop. You explain the error, you give reasons for rejecting it, you communicate complexities, you set a tone of longing for truth and love — you’re not just slinging mud.

The last thing I would say is to let your teaching be so powerful in clarifying the greatness and the beauty and the worth of God’s truth that your people will smell error before it infects their lives. The shape of error is always changing. You can’t preach enough negative sermons to stay ahead of it. And you don’t have to.

The best protection against the darkness of error is the light of truth.

On 8 April this article was updated to include the word, “conclusive” on page 2, to read “conclusive evidence”, and an additional quote added from the WHO (source 2b).


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