WEEK 9: Hide and Seek


“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.” (Psalm 34:8, NIV)


A couple of years ago when we were called to go into missions, God assured us from John 21 that He will “prepare our breakfast” – we just need to be obedient. My husband and I didn’t know how this would work but realised that we had to walk by faith. Five months later, we were in Asia for a mission conference. We had only been there for three days when my dad passed away, and we really felt the urge to fly back as soon as possible.

Not having the luxury of looking into changing our flights (as the country blocks almost all internet access), we felt trapped. Two days later, we had three travel agents trying to help us get back home, but with no success. It almost felt impossible that with today’s advances, you couldn’t fly a family back home immediately. On the third day, the group moved to a city with an international airport. With much hope in our hearts, we said goodbye to the others and left for the airport, praying that we could get on a stand-by list, but it turned out that this was not an option in the country where we had to get a connecting flight.

Twice within an hour, my husband went to the airline’s ticket desk to see if there were any flights available, but with no success, as all flights were fully booked. While my husband was standing in the queue a third time, one of my friends let me know that they were praying during their lunch break at work, and we should go back to the queue in five minutes’ time. My husband came back and started to get our things together so we could get a taxi back into town, saying that the lady at the desk was now annoyed with him, because there really were no seats available on any flights.  I showed him my friend’s message, but it took a lot of convincing to get him to face the angry ticket lady again.

What happened? The lady didn’t want to help us because, according to her, we were wasting her time, but my husband pleaded with her and she looked again at her system … and there they were … four seats next to each other on a flight leaving within an hour!

With Psalm 34:8 in mind, our family hugged each other and stood in awe of what had just happened. Then our seven-year-old son suddenly said: Hey, you guys, this is Jesus preparing our breakfast!” 


“It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfil the desire which He creates.” – Amy Carmichael