WEEK 3: Pitching Pennies


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21, NIV)


A couple of years ago, my husband and I attended a mission conference in Asia for a few days. At that point, we had never travelled abroad with our two small children, but we began considering it for the first time. We prayed, we asked for advice and guidance from friends and colleagues, but we had to make a decision in a (much too!) short space of time and it felt as if the answer evaded us. Some people encouraged us to take them, while others said we should rather wait until they were older so that we could get a bigger ‘return on investment’ (so to speak). There were so many things to consider: the logistics, the necessary paperwork when travelling with minors, the vaccines and, of course, the costs involved. Sometimes it felt like our ‘living-in-faith purse’ was stretched if one of us had to travel, and now we had to trust the Lord for the entire family if we decided to take the kids with us … this was a bit outside our comfort zone!

One Sunday at church, I was wrestling with the Lord about what we should do as we were running out of time, and it suddenly felt as if His answer pressed all the breath out of me. Are you willing to invest in your children’s spiritual life … are you willing to take a (financial) risk to expose them to My work?

I then realised that as parents, we make an effort to invest in our children’s lives by looking for the best possible tuition, taking them to extra-murals, helping to develop their strengths and trying to work through and overcome their weaknesses … BUT how much effort are we putting into their understanding of the Lord? How much are we willing to ‘invest’ in their spiritual lives?

The same goes for other people around us in whose lives we have a position of influence: are we only helping them to grow as a person in the present, or are we also investing in their spiritual lives?


“Far too many parents are more invested in their kids making the team than they are invested in their kids making the kingdom.” – Focus on the Family