WEEK 5: Faith


Faith is vital to living an abundant life as a Christian. Hebrews 11 truly is an amazing chapter saturated with rich spiritual insights on the topic of faith. Hebrews 11 defines “faith” as the “assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen”, while secular scholars define it as “a strong trust, confidence and belief in someone or something”.

When you begin to dissect each verse in Hebrews 11, it becomes clear just how important faith is in the life of a Christian:

  • It is by faith that we are able to understand that God formed the world through His Word (v3).
  • By faith we are made righteous in God’s sight (v4).
  • By faith we are moved, changed and transformed by God into His likeness (v5).
  • By faith we are able to please God and are rewarded for believing that He exists. We are also rewarded for seeking Him by faith (v6).
  • By having faith in God’s Word we are saved from impending doom and destruction (v7).
  • Faith enables us to obey God (v8).
  • By faith we are able to receive an inheritance from God (v9).
  • By faith we are given the power we need to wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled (v10).
  • By having faith in God’s faithfulness we receive strength to do the impossible (v11).
  • By faith we are able to endure testing and trials (v17).
  • By faith we are able to win people back from death (v19).
  • By faith we are able to bless others (v20).
  • By faith we are able to worship God – even when confronted with death (v21).
  • By faith we are able to obey God rather than man (v23).
  • By faith we are able to disassociate ourselves from being identified with the world (v24).
  • By faith we are able to choose suffering over sin (v25).
  • By faith we are able to choose insults over riches (v26).
  • By faith we are able to persevere and see God (v27).
  • By faith we are able to receive salvation from death (v28).
  • By faith, oceans can be parted and we can walk on dry ground (v29).
  • By faith we can bring strongholds down (v30).
  • By faith we are saved from destruction (v31).
  • By faith we can overthrow kingdoms, rule with justice, receive God’s promises and shut the mouths of lions (v32-33).
  • By faith we can quench flames of fire, escape death by the edge of the sword and turn our weakness into strength (v34).
  • By faith we can receive loved ones back from the dead (v35a).
  • By faith we can choose torture over freedom and place our hope in life after death (v35b).
  • By faith we can endure mockery and taunting; whipping and chains; imprisonment and a gory death; oppression and mistreatment (v36-37).

When you look at all the things that faith enables us to do, it becomes a precious gift that we cannot afford to neglect or take for granted.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to give you more faith. Ask Him to enrich your understanding of faith. Ask God to help you practice your faith. Spend some time alone with God thanking Him for His faithfulness. Ask the Holy Spirit to grow your faith daily. Ask God to help you take a small step of faith this week so that He can show the world His strength and power through you.