WEEK 8: More Precious than Rubies


Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10, NLT)


I met my husband Damon at church and began to attend the same cell group as him. He was very quiet and only spoke a few times, but when he did speak, I admired him. You could just see that he loved God so much and that he was wise with his words. Damon began to give me guitar lessons and I began to fall in love… from there, the rest is history.

He began to notice that I had been struggling to love myself and that I had a low self-esteem. It was a very dark time for me. He would always quote the above Scripture to me for encouragement, but it never really sank in.

On the 22 August 2015, Damon took me on a date for my ‘birthday’. We went on a picnic to this huge rock high above the ocean and formed something like a pier going into the sea. As we ate strawberries and chocolate and heart-shaped sandwiches, Damon pulled out a devotional book as a gift, titled “You are Worth More than Rubies”.

He then handed me a huge box. The huge box contained a smaller box, rose petals and a small poem about something he loves about me. The smaller box again contained rose petals, a poem and a smaller box. About five boxes later, Damon pulled out the smallest box and opened it… before I looked at the ring or even allowed him to finish his sentence, tears filled my eyes and I jumped up into his arms and said “YES!”

The ring had a purple tanzanite stone with two curved pieces of metal going around it, creating a circle around the stone. He said that the two curved pieces of metal represented me and him, and the stone represented God being the centre of our relationship.

An interesting feature about the ring was the purple stone – purple has never been a colour I have liked, but purple in the Bible represents royalty. God used this event to remind me that I am ‘royalty’ and that I have worth. You too are precious and worth far above all the jewels of the earth. Do you believe it?