WEEK 2: Who Do You Call On?


“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28, NIV)

During a recent stint in hospital, I noticed that the tap in the bathroom was dripping. We live in a drought-stricken area and are subject to severe water restrictions, and to top it off there was a “Save Water” poster on the wall next to the dripping tap, so I was very conscious of the need for it to be fixed.

When the nurse came to check on me, I immediately reported the problem and stressed that we should do something about it quickly to prevent wasting more water. Night time came, and the tap was still dripping, so at various times I reported it to the night staff, the nurse in the ward, the tea lady, and anyone who would listen.

The next day, the public relations officer of the hospital checked in on me and wanting to find out how I was being treated. I said to her that I didn’t have any complaints, but I did want to report the dripping tap. She made a note and left.

Not even an hour later, a maintenance man with the biggest toolbox I’ve ever seen walked into the room and asked if he could occupy the bathroom for a while to fix the tap. I was thrilled, and in no time, the tap was fixed.

It made me think: why do we so often run to anyone who might listen and not to the One who invites us to come to Him, the One who is able to solve our problems? I’ve once heard someone say, “Run to the Throne, not the phone!”

Let’s run to our Heavenly Father first with our questions, complaints and needs, but also with thanksgiving, praise and honour, instead of first seeking help from men.