WEEK 3: Taste and See


“Taste and see that the LORD is good! How blessed is the person who trusts in Him! (Psalm 34:8, ISV)


The first time I was introduced to a Southeast Asian fruit called “durian”, I was told by the locals that the only way to know this “king of all fruits” was to taste it for myself.

Those who loved it tried to convince me to taste it by telling me that it “tasted like heaven”, while those who disliked it tried to discourage me by telling me that it “smells like hell”. For a long time, I was confused about whether I should taste it or not, until a local friend bought one especially for me and invited me to eat it. I knew I had no way out but to try it. The first thing I noticed was its strong and strange smell – I was tempted to close my nose, but out of gratitude for this gift, I dug in and tasted it. Oh boy, I loved it! It was nothing like what I had imagined, and no descriptions would have prepared me for its texture, its taste and its goodness. Today, I consider this fruit one of my favourites. And I would never have known unless I had tasted.

In our personal walk with the Lord, we know that He is good, but at times we are satisfied by hearing other people’s experiences of His goodness. With this mentality, we never fully grasp the depth of His goodness that can be experienced personally. God invites us to experience His goodness in our lives, and He opens opportunities for us to trust Him and step out even when we are afraid or feel discouraged by the “smelly” circumstances. When we taste these experiences, we perceive what God is able to do with our lives, and this instils in us a heart of gratitude as we rejoice in His goodness and inspire others to desire the same.

How is God inviting you to “taste and see” and experience His goodness? And are you willing to try?