Various forms of the following message are circulating:

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis cancels The Bible and proposes to create a new book

“Pope Francis has surprised the world today by announcing that The Bible is totally outdated and needs a radical change, so The Bible is officially cancelled and [there will be] a meeting between the highest personalities of the church where [decisions will be made about] the book that will replace it, its name and its content. Some names are already being considered and the one that has more strength is “Biblia 2000”.

“We cannot keep trying to talk our public in a totally new world with a book that has thousands years. We are losing followers and we have to go a step further in the search for the modernisation of the church: to rewrite the word of God, even if it is only the Old Testament, in which there are certain passages that it is better not to repeat.”

The news has fallen like a bomb among the most conservative, who consider this idea the definitive clue of madness of Pope Francis.”


This is the source of the ‘article’: http://thereisnews.com/pope-francis-cancels-bible/


The article is absolutely FALSE and should be rejected in the strongest terms. It is desperately sad that this FALSE information is presented in the name of Christ for the supposed purpose of prayer. 


There are three things to consider regarding this ‘information’:


A) The article is a perfect example of FAKE NEWS written under the pretence of being satirical entertainment, but it creates suspicion and borders on slander. One look at the website – http://thereisnews.com/ – shows that it features articles that are ridiculous, crass and sometimes blasphemous. If you scroll down to the bottom of the website, you will find a ‘legal warning’ that states the following: “The site ‘There is news’ (hereinafter referred to as TIN) is a humour site whose purpose is entertainment. The content of TIN is fiction and does not correspond to reality. All references, names, brands or institutions that appear on the site are used as contextual elements, as in any novel or fiction account. TIN is not recommended for underage, because of the subject matter of some of their articles.”

Yet the article has still been published in a prayer journal. It extremely concerning that accusations of this spiritual magnitude are not verified, checked or confirmed before being passed on as truth.


B) Secondly, the Pope does not have the power to change anything in the Bible. The Roman Catholic Church places more value in Scripture than many evangelical and charismatic churches. Protestants might not agree with Catholic theology, but it can never be doubted that the Bible is central to the Catholic belief-system.


C) Thirdly, and probably most importantly, the Pope himself has expressed his love for the word of God: “I love my old Bible, which has accompanied me half my life. It has been with me in my times of joy and times of tears. It is my most precious treasure. I live out of it, and I wouldn’t give anything in the world for it.” (http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2015/10/26/pope-francis-youth-bible-is-most-precious-treasure-now-read-it/)


What could have possibly prompted the writing of the false article is that fact that the Pope has promoted a new layout of the Bible, which does not change the Word of God in any way. The ‘YouCat’ edition offers the full Bible text in a new layout with story lines, drawings, colour photographs, explanations and quotations. The Pope praised the new Bible format for its inclusion of testimonies from young people and saints, calling it a “page turner”. The Pope also called for an appreciation of the Bible, reminding young people how persecuted Christians face death for owning the book. (http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2015/10/26/pope-francis-youth-bible-is-most-precious-treasure-now-read-it/)