WEEK 5: Life-changing Prayer

Child’s hands folded together in prayer. Black and white photoChild's hands folded together in prayer. Black and white photo

“This is good, and pleases God our Saviour, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:3-4)

During our last visit to Lebanon, one of the pastors shared an experience he had during a flight between Frankfurt and Beirut. A while after they had taken off from Frankfurt, the Lord gave him a vision about the plane in which they were flying. In the vision, the captain announced that they had to turn back to Frankfurt due to some engine problems. In his mind, the pastor saw the plane turning around and one of the engines catching fire. The captain lost control of the plane, which crashed into the ground, causing all passengers to die.

The pastor did not know what to make of this vision, so he shared it with his wife and they decided to pray right then and there in case it was more than just a vision. As they were praying, the captain made an announcement, saying that there was a problem with one of the engines and they would be turning back to Frankfurt. The pastor shared with me the anxiety they felt trying to figure out what God was saying to them. As the plane was turning around, they concluded that the devil was trying to take down the plane but God had given a vision of what was about to happen so they could pray against the devil’s plans of destruction. So they prayed for God to protect the plane, as well as all the people on board. When they landed in Frankfurt, there were firetrucks waiting all over the runway – they had never expected the plane to land safely, but it did because people had prayed.

All of us are on a journey in life, heading to an eternal destination. But many people who cross our path in life might not be believers, or they might not even have heard the Gospel. God’s desire is for all people to hear the Gospel and to accept Him as their saviour before they die. The devil, meanwhile, would like people to die without accepting Jesus as their saviour. After listening to the testimony of the pastor, I realised again the importance of us as Christians interceding for those around us who are heading for eternity without Christ. I also realised that God answers the prayers of those who pray according to His will. If we pray for those around us, our prayers might the means through which God prevents the enemy from destroying lost lives.