WEEK 17: Walking with God


“Enoch was 65 years old when he fathered Methuselah. And after the birth of Methuselah, Enoch walked with God 300 years and fathered other sons and daughters. So Enoch’s life lasted 365 years. Enoch walked with God; then he was not there because God took him.” (Genesis 5:21-24, HCSB)

Wow, what a testimony. In these verses, God is testifying to the faithfulness of a man called Enoch. At the age of 65, he started walking with God and for 300 years he remained faithful to God. Another translation (ISV) says “Enoch communed with God for 300 years.” Since the day he met God, Enoch walked with God, communed with God and remained faithful to God until the end of his life on earth.

When I read this passage, I just admire the steadfast faithfulness of this man. I wish and desire that I may also remain faithful to God and walk with God until the day He calls me home.

Life on earth is filled with various temptations, challenges and opportunities. Very often, many of us get too busy with these challenges, opportunities and temptations and tend to forget the most important aspect of our lives: walking with God. Firstly, and most importantly, life is an opportunity to commune and walk with God. Let us make the most of this great opportunity.

Dear Lord, help us fix our eyes on You, tune our hearts to You, and walk with You day by day until the very end. Let us commune with You year after year as Enoch did. Amen.