WEEK 8: God’s Servant

return of the warrior

“I have found David, My servant; with My holy oil I have anointed him, so that My hand shall be established with him; My arm also shall strengthen him.” (Psalm 89:20-21, ESV 2011)

God found, anointed and empowered the shepherd boy David to kill Goliath, to rule the nation of Israel and to pave the way for the Messiah. Although he made mistakes, David lived for God, worked for God, fought for God and left behind a great legacy and a great kingdom.

But was David merely an bedient servant who did what God said, or was he more than that? The answer is found in Acts 13:22 – David was not only a servant, but a man after God’s heart who sought to do all of God’s will. He was not merely obeying God, but passionately trying to fulfil God’s desires. He was not merely a labourer, but a ‘man of God’. He did not just put in his labour, but gave his heart and all he had to see God’s will done.

That is the kind of servant God looks for. If you work for a corporation, it will be enough if you put in your expertise and labour. But if you work for God, your expertise, labour and even your obedience will not be enough – first and foremost, you must give your heart as David did.

Lord, may You give me Your heart, passion and desires so that I may be a man after Your own heart.