30 JANUARY 2017 – A judge in Khartoum found Petr Jasek, Abulmonem Abdulmawla and Hassan Kodi guilty. He sentenced Petr to life in prison (20 years) for espionage, to six months in prison for spreading rumours that undermine the authority of the state, to a fine of 100,000 Sudanese Pounds (approx. USD 16,000) for undertaking NGO work without a permit, and to one year in prison each (to be served consecutively) for inciting strife between communities, for entry in and photography of military areas and equipment, and illegal entry into Sudan.

Hassan and Abdulmonem were each sentenced to ten years for abetting Jasek in the crime of espionage, and one year each for inciting strife between communities and spreading rumours that undermine the authority of the state (even though the legal maximum penalty for this last crime is six months in prison). All of these sentences are to be served consecutively. The lawyers have indicated they will appeal the sentences within 15 days. Sources told Open Doors the verdict was pronounced in the presence of a great number of Christians attending the proceedings and they received the verdict with great shock and sadness. Hassan’s mother was so shocked, she fainted and needed to be “escorted from the room”.

Separately a court ordered authorities to issue official letters to four churches whose places of worship they intended to break down. Lawyers were dismayed to learn that the official decision did not only involve the buildings of the 4 churches they represented, but the gathering places of 21 others. Pls continue to pray: Pray for the Lord’s comfort to the men and their families.

Pray for wisdom for the lawyers and that justice will prevail. Pray for grace for the Church in Sudan whose suffering is obvious, but remains denied by the government.


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