The image on the left has been featured on various websites as well as circulating via email – the claims are that she is a young Christian woman who was raped and murdered by Muslim men as a result of her Christian faith.


Yes, Christians are being killed in Syria and Iraq, and this, rightfully, brings anguish to the hearts of the global Body of Christ. Christians are caught in the middle of the civil war between the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the anti-government rebel groups. In recent months, Christians have been actively targeted by IS forces in Iraq and Syria, and are at high risk due to ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the region.

The photograph displayed in the emails that have been circulating is given as gruesome “evidence” of the brutal violence against Christians by Muslims.

And while very real and tragic violence is being committed against Christians by Muslim extremists in Iraq and Syria, this image IS NOT related to these acts.

The picture of the seemingly bloody and dead young woman is staged – it was part of the making of a horror film (the making of the picture involved no actual violence or injury). The image is attributed to Canadian special effects artist Remy Couture, who was tried (and aquitted) in 2012 for violating the country’s obscenity laws. Couture testified that the reason behind the work was to highlight his skills and abilities as a master of special effects horror.

Someone attached the image to a fictitious backstory and an unrelated piece of Arabic text, and sent it out as evidence of the “real face” of Islam and Sharia Law.

No good can be done by forwarding these kinds of emails – even if it were true, our mandate as Christians is to be “peacemakers”, not to spread fear and hatred. While we do need to actively oppose Islam, and to raise awareness of its realities, we need to do this in a vastly different way.

Information edited from Snopes.com