The following email is doing the rounds:

“If you have any doubts about Muslim immigration, this might clear up your thinking.

This “furniture shipment” was supposed to go to the refugee camps in GREECE to make their life more bearable and ease their hardships. 52 tons of guns and ammunition in big 40’ double containers followed the migrants to Europe, pretending to be furniture but, was discovered by the Greek border securities in 14 containers.

If this doesn’t convince you that this IMMIGRATION is nothing less than an ARMED INVASION then nothing will.

Wonder still why all those young (military age) men without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those miles posing as refugees?

Most western nation Main Stream media won’t cover this… So please share…”

This email is FALSE and constitutes an intentional effort to create suspicion and fear about refugees in Europe. Please forward this page link to anyone who sent you this email.


In September 2015, reports were published on social media stating that a furniture shipment that was supposed to go to refugee camps in Europe was actually filled with 52 tonnes of guns and ammunition. This was supposedly discovered by the Greek Border Securities. 

Social media users pointed to a global conspiracy, which was supposedly the reason why the media never reported the incident. A question was posed about how long they will “continue with this charade”, and the claim was made that it would be until “they are being killed by these Arab hooligans”.


The accompanying pictures published were actually of Greek authorities seizing a freighter carrying an undeclared shipment of weapons en route from Turkey to Libya.  A coast guard patrol boat raided the vessel 20 nautical miles northeast of Crete. The freighter, which had sailed from the Turkish port of Iskenderun, was escorted to Heraklion port on the island. The United Nations has imposed an embargo on weapons shipments to Libya, which is plagued by factional conflict. A Turkish foreign ministry spokesman confirmed the cargo included weapons but said it was fully documented and was destined for the Sudanese police force. The vessel was also carrying building materials for Libya, he said.

A 6 September 2015 article from the Independent  ( included a similar report: “A huge stash of weapons and ammunition has been found hidden aboard a cargo ship understood to be bound for Libya. Videos released by the Hellenic Coast Guard show officers uncovering the arms, which it said had no accompanying documents and were concealed by furniture and gym mats.”

So the photographs shown here were captured from a video of a September 2015 Greek coast guard weapons seizure, and the arms in question were heading to Libya, not to refugee camps in Europe.


Make no mistake, the chances are very high that there will be some radicals among the refugees, and there might even by terrorists sent by IS. This reality should not be ignored. But they are by FAR the exceptions, and our mandate as Christians is not negated or nullified by the one or two who will reject our love, nor is it determined by the majority who would appreciate our care. Our call is simply to obediently follow Jesus’ example. 

In Malachi 3:5, the Lord compares those who deprive foreigners of justice to “sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers” and “those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless”.

Let us continue to reach out to those in need, even at the cost of our own security and prosperity, and to refrain from spreading a different message through these kinds of emails.