A World in Motion is a bi-weekly, 4-page news update, sent out via email in PDF format.

Each edition covers the following:

  • Stories that have made headlines over the past two weeks, reported from a Christian perspective
  • Perspectives on global events or trends that will affect the Church and missions
  • An overview of one of INcontext‘s projects or publications


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ISSUE 165 | 16 FEBRUARY 2017

  • The bitter feuding over the powerful post of Jakarta governor has elevated Indonesia’s local elections to ones of national significance.
  • The saga of President Trump’s temporary travel ban for seven Muslim-majority nations is ongoing, and may have far-reaching repercussions.
  • An anti-corruption protest turned violent in Baghdad, highlighting the worldwide cry for righteous governance.

ISSUE 164 | 2 FEBRUARY 2017

  • President Trump’s executive orders, including a jumpstart on the Mexico wall and a ban on travellers from some Muslim countries, have prompted protests.
  • Six years after the January 25 revolution that saw the ousting of former president Hosni Mubarak, we take a look at the current situation in Egypt.
  • An attack on a mosque in Quebec City shocked the nation that has become known for its policies of tolerance and inclusivity.

ISSUE 163 | 19 JANUARY 2017

  • The Israel-Palestine peace process is in the spotlight again as nations at the Paris summit called for renewed efforts, and Palestinian factions agreed in Moscow to form a unity government.
  • The ‘One China’ policy—a thorny issue between China and their trading partners—has caused problems for a South African politician.
  • The debate about Muslim integration in Europe  was reignited after the ruling by a European court in favour of Swiss officials.

ISSUE 162 | 01 DECEMBER 2016

  • With the end of 2016 upon us, we take a look at 5 key events from the past year that had a significant impact on the world. We also take a look at 5 developing stories to watch (and pray for) in the coming year.

ISSUE 161 | 17 NOVEMBER 2016

  • Donald Trump has begun the process of selecting key advisors and cabinet members as his nation and the world contemplate what the future may look like under his presidency.
  • As Iraqi Christian towns like Qaraqosh and Bartella are liberated from the Islamic State, returning Christians seeking to restore the Church face multiple challenges.

ISSUE 160 | 03 NOVEMBER 2016

  • After a two-year stalemate, Lebanon has finally appointed a new president—one with a Christian background but ties to Iran and Hezbollah.
  • The World Giving Index takes a look at which nations are the most generous, both financially and with their time.
  • A guest writer offers his perspective on US democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton (second in a two-part series on the candidates).

ISSUE 159 | 20 OCTOBER 2016

  • The long-awaited military campaign to liberate Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, from the Islamic State (IS) has begun.
  • As the US fired on Yemeni targets, UN officials again raised concerns about the worsening humanitarian disaster in war-torn Yemen.
  • A guest writer offers his perspective on US republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump (first in a two-part series on the candidates).  

ISSUE 158 | 06 OCTOBER 2016

  • Prominent Israeli politician and Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres, seen as a ‘man of peace’ by some and a ’war criminal’ by others, has died.  
  • The annual UN General Assembly meeting on critical world issues was overshadowed by a pervasive sense of dissatisfaction with the body’s effectiveness. 
  • As part of the ‘Fees Must Fall’ movement, students protesting for free education are clashing with police/security at several campuses. 

ISSUE 157 | 22 SEPTEMBER 2016

  • Bombs found in New York and New Jersey are stoking fears of terrorism and lone-wolf attacks in the US. 
  • European countries continue to fortify their borders with walls and barbed wire fences, mainly in response to the refugee crisis. 
  • The age-old debate over military spending and humanitarian aid continues as arms deals are made and hunger stalks various regions.

ISSUE 156 | 8 SEPTEMBER 2016

  • While global leaders met in China for the G20 summit, North Korea again fired missiles into nearby waters, further escalating tensions.
  • Former president Dilma Rousseff was officially impeached at the end of August, leaving the economically challenged country deeply divided.
  • The use of child suicide bombers by extremists is on the rise from Nigeria to Afghanistan—a heartbreaking reality the Church cannot ignore.

ISSUE 155 | 25 AUGUST 2016

  • Israel and Turkey, whose relations were severely strained in 2010, are taking steps to mend ties, shifting dynamics in the Middle East region.
  • INcontext’s correspondent in Ukraine shares an update on the situation in the conflict zone, and in Crimea after the 2014 annexation.
  • Slavery, assumed to be an ancient practice, is far from eradicated. We offer a Christian perspective and some suggestions for action.

ISSUE 154 | 11 AUGUST 2016

  • In the wake of the attempted coup, President Erdogan travelled to Russia to repair strained relations with Turkey’s near-neighbour.
  • In response to a request from Libya’s new ‘unity government’ , the US has started bombing IS targets in the fragile country.
  • For the first time since the ANC came to power, local government elections are evidence of a changing tide in the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

ISSUE 153 | 28 JULY 2016

  • The ‘Yarovaya law’, designed to combat terrorism and extremism, could have severe implications for the Church in Russia.
  • Long-term enemies North Korea and the United States have a complicated relationship. We take a look at some of the conflict’s history
  • After a Zimbabwean pastor and protest leader was cleared of charges in an unprecedented pardon, we share an eyewitness’ testimony.

ISSUE 152 | 14 JULY 2016


  • Looking back at 5 key events and trends over the past six months.
  • Looking forward at 5 developing stories to watch (and pray for).

ISSUE 151 | 30 JUNE 2016

  • The referendum on 23 June has changed Britain irrevocably, as it plans to leave the EU. But what are some of the effects on Russia and the US?
  • The Iraqi army’s recapture of Fallujah is a major step forward against the Islamic State. But the game is not yet over for IS—it continues in Libya.
  • New figures from the UNHCR highlight the worsening plight of refugees around the world. Do we respond with fear or compassion?

ISSUE 150 | 16 JUNE 2016

  • The shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando has rocked the US, and is likely to have critical repercussions in a presidential election year.
  • Hillary Clinton achieved an historic milestone by becoming the first female presumptive nominee, but still faces an uphill battle.
  • With the US and UK both issuing warnings about possible terror threats in South Africa, many are wondering how serious this might be.

ISSUE 149 | 2 JUNE 2016

  • Nadiya Savchenko, the Ukrainian pilot recently released from Russian prison, could prove to be a political game changer in the divided country.
  • Avigdor Lieberman’s new appointment to the key position of Israeli Defence Minister has brought with it much controversy.
  • In a new development, the US may soon be offering financial and weapons support for Christian militias fighting the Islamic State in Iraq.

ISSUE 148 | 19 MAY 2016

  • In the wake of London’s mayoral elections, we take a look at some of the debates surrounding Sadiq Khan’s Muslim faith.
  • As Turkey and the EU struggle to reach a deal concerning refugees/immigrants, Angela Merkel’s leadership faces increased criticism.
  • Aleppo, a key city in Syria, continues to suffer under heavy fighting between government and rebel forces.